About Dizeaze

The Dizeaze is an online alias for one chic who is somewhere out there in the wide world.

The meaning behind the alias and the name of this blog is thus:

I think our society, our world, filled with its many people are diseased at the heart, the mind, and the soul. We all know there is diseases of the body like the flu and poor genetics that cause Alzheimer’s. I believe those of us should become crusader’s to help people become aware of what is wrong with them. We, as a society, have become so superficial that we have forgotten what love is. We have lost ourselves and become droids in society, trudging along, not really living. We have lost ourselves in reaching for standards that keep being set higher for beauty, for power, for whatever is at the top that we must ‘attain.’ We have lost ourselves in drugs; some people not able to be others, or people who were like I was, medicated so terribly so that our personalities would melt into a grey blob who was not who we are. We have forgotten what it means being human – truly human.

I am one person in this world. Yet I know, through the materials I find that affect me and through me others, my goal can be reached. It is like gossip as the word passes on, it reaches more and more people. I am no magazine, but at least I can help the material get out there. However, I will use articles from magazines, from the internet, music, videos, to help make people awake.

I will be a new form of a dizeaze. A dizeaze that helps awaken people to themselves – to become healthy people in this world. That is the true mission for why I am here.

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